Android L Theme – CM11 PA v1h [APK]

Android L Theme – CM11 PA v1h [APK FULL]

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Android L Theme – CM11 PA [APK FULL]

For now you just have to change to stock theme to add a new wifi connection or else it will force close. Android L by Nucleoid starts on its release by theming the main core components of your phone,
its system and framework and will gradually transform into a full themed experience were we'll update the number of elements by pushing frequent updates.

What's new in this Update : 4-Jul-2014

  • Fixed several user-reported graphical glitches.
  • Fixed a bug on the keyboard popup for some people.
  • Fixed icons not showing on notifiation for Pocket Casts and Close button for Play Music.
  • Some more changes, like clock style, notification header, quicktyle buttons for PA rom...
  • More themed App icons will come next.

Compatible with Android : 4.0+

Photos inside the App:

App Size: 9 Mb
Android L Theme – CM11 PA v1h [APK]  Android L Theme – CM11 PA v1h [APK] Reviewed by Unknown on 16:16 Rating: 5

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