Minecraft - Pocket Edition v0.7.6 [APK FULL MOD Money]

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Minecraft - Pocket Edition [APK FULL MOD Money]

Imagine it, build it. Create worlds on the go with Minecraft - Pocket Edition The new Minecraft - Pocket Edition allows you to build on the go. Use blocks to create masterpieces as you travel, hangout with friends,
sit at the park, the possibilities are endless. Move beyond the limits of your computer and play Minecraft everywhere you go. Save multi-player worlds on your own phone

What's new in this Update : 1-JUL-2014

  • Minecarts, rails, and powered rails!
  • The view distance has been massively increased. Check the options!
  • New textures, colours and block functionality taken directly from the PC version
  • New blocks: carpets, more wood types, hay bales, iron bars, and more
  • New crops and food types: beetroot, carrots, potatoes and pumpkins.
  • Lots more blocks and items to use in Creative Mode.
  • New AI and breeding.
  • A new Creative inventory with tabs.
  • Improved lighting and fog effects.

Compatible with Android : 1.6 +

Photos inside the App:

Game APK Size: 6 Mb
Minecraft - Pocket Edition v0.7.6 [APK FULL MOD Money]  Minecraft - Pocket Edition v0.7.6 [APK FULL MOD Money] Reviewed by Unknown on 13:38 Rating: 5

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